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We shelf and promote a safe and healthy food concept without pesticides and chemicals. The choices of food stuff and range of products in our shelf support a healthy life style, reinventing our traditional food habits with richness of the nature.

Fresh Vegetables and fruits: Come from our own polyhouses and open farms as well as from Aroma Fresh associated farms that strictly follow our technology and protocols of production produced with precision techniques, without using pesticides and chemicals or ripening agents.

Cereals and millets: A range of cereals and traditional millets that were forgotten over a period of time which is worthy as a complete food for a healthy life style

Pulses and spices: A range of spices from the landscape of southern India grown organically or without pesticides and chemicals from the farming community who consider natural farming as their life and livelihood. We provide spices in its original flavour, straight and single without blending and if necessary, processed with assured quality.

Beverages: Coffee and varieties of tea grown in the traditional plantation with unique quality and taste picked by the connoisseurs and master blenders.

Vegetable oils: from the oil seeds grown without pesticides and cold pressed and packed and processed following strict quality parameters.

Collection from the wild: A range of wild collection from the tribal population like varieties of honey, chilly in brine, bamboo shoot products, bamboo rice products, etc

Life style products: Aromatic oils, natural cosmetic products, neutral soaps and cleansers and many more …

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