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AROMA FRESH is an innovative venture of Aroma Group of Companies, committed to provide pesticide free food products to the customers. Being India' first 'Pesticide Free' food brand, our motto 'Eat Pure Stay Healthy' has been well accepted and taken forward by the customers as a philosophy. Aroma Fresh has perfect control of its chain of custody of products from production to shelf and has won the confidence of customers and stake holders.

Aroma fresh milk comes from our exclusive dairy farm with cows grown under best conditions. Cows are fed with natural feed and fodder and the concentrates are made in-house using natural ingredients.

Milk is pasteurized (heated to 72°C for 30 seconds and cooled to 4°C) toned (removing excess far) and homogenized (making fat globules to uniform size) before packing. The temperature is maintained at 4°C throughout the chain during storage and transport until it reaches the customer. No preservatives and chemicals are added to Aroma Fresh milk. Curd is made with the natural milk with best quality control standards and packed with its freshness.

Aroma Fresh, as a socially responsible venture, is committed to serve customers with the best quality. We look forward to a healthy generation fed with healthy food, free from pesticides and chemicals.

Nutritional information (per 100 ml)

Energy value 60 .0 Kcal Total fat 3.0 g
Total carbohydrates 4.8 g Protein 3.6 g
Fat 3 % SNF 8.5 %

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